Five Top Funny Face Swap apps for iPhone.

Face Swap  Of the many amazing apps available on the iOS App Store, there are still some fun apps that provide a complete redesign of your images. Numerous users have adored these apps due to their incredible features, ranging from kids to adults. With these excellent apps, it is easy to make hilarious faces with a fun style using your iPhone.

With these funny face apps, you can apply stickers and hairstyles and add sunglasses, beards, and expressions. You can also make fun of family members and acquaintances by editing photos with funny face applications on Facebook and other social platforms. This article reviews 5 of the best apps to create humorous faces and swap faces on iPhone. Then, you can set yourself free and select the one you think is ideal.

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Top Five Best Face Swap Apps for iPhone


MSQRD lets you change your Face into various digital masks that mix with other features, such as magical special effects. The App enables you to swap the faces of famous people, animals, and creepy creatures to swap.

You can alter your appearance to a panda or zombie or even swap faces with your friends using the MSQRD application. You can save and share images and videos and broadcast your live stream to family members, friends, and fans on Facebook. You have your mask. The funny filters will make everyone laugh. Most importantly, some shows are animated based on your facial expression.

#2 Face Swap Live

Face Swap
Face Swap

Face Swap Live Face Swap Live, you can swap faces with a person or upload a photo to your iPhone. You can also take videos and pictures of yourself as you switch faces with your favorite celebrity, a friend, or any image you find on the Internet.

The App lets you change the faces of your pets using pictures and effects. It also allows you to put your animated mouth on the image of your pet. It’s amazing! Face Swap Live also can switch faces straight from the feed of the camera. The most exciting feature is that it lets you experiment with incredible mask costumes, including glasses, hats, and beards. The application is available to download for US1.99. 1.99.


It’s an iPhone camera application that more than 200 million users use worldwide.

With SNOW, you can record an enjoyable video using live filters and send it to your friend. One of the most amazing advantages is sharing funny stickers with your friends during videos; filters are removed when your friends see the video.

The App’s latest features, including makeup options such as eyeliner or eye shadows, and the possibility to add tint and grain effects while editing photos, make sharing more enjoyable. Memorable moments using the SNOW application.

#4 iSwap Faces

It is possible to swap faces in minutes or less using the iSwap Faces on the iPhone. You can also change one person’s appearance from one to another by using iSwap Faces.

To switch faces with the iSwap Faces app, take an image or download photos on your iPhone. Then, put the masks on two fronts. Let iSwap take care of all the work for you.

It is easy to swap faces with friends’ albums via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then, you can share your results on social networks to share.

#5 Funny Face

Funny Face has filters that enable you to take stunning pictures on your iPhone and upload them to any social network.

It comes with filters such as The funny style is created using hair, hats, eyeglasses, nose, beard, masks, mouth birthdays, cartoon emoticons, love, Christmas, Halloween, and a myriad of stickers.

Additionally, it has beautiful filters specifically created to work with iMessages.

Final Words

There are a lot of face-changing apps available for iPhone, and when it comes down to picking the most appropriate one we understand that it can be a challenge. To assist you in making the right choice, We have identified the top five and most entertaining funny face applications for iPhone. With these five options, you can switch faces, apply filters, and much more with your photos and videos before sharing your photos and videos with the world.

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