Free and Affordable Things to Do in NYC in the Summer

You’ve arrived in New York City and you want to enjoy the city’s attractions at a reasonable price. This guide will help you find free and inexpensive things to do during the summer in NYC. Get the SUV limo car service first to start your summer journey. Here’s the list of outdoor activities, sightseeing, picnicking, and island trips.

Central Park

Central Park has something for everyone, whether you’re looking to explore the vast grounds or see some fascinating sights.

  • The Belvedere castle, which was recently renovated, is one of most Instagrammable structures in the park. The castle offers stunning views of New York City while offering a break from urban chaos.
  • The “Imagine”, a mosaic that pays tribute to the legendary musician John Lennon, is surrounded by benches where fans can sit down and think. It also contains memorabilia from people who have traveled far and wide to show their respect. The 2.5 acre memorial, located between West 71st & 74th Streets is affectionately called Strawberry Fields.
  • You can climb up the bedrock or walk along the shopping mall to Bethesda Terrace. There are also many fountains that have artistic designs. Or, you could pack your picnic and spend the day watching people. Central Park offers a variety of adventures.

Relax in one of the city’s outdoor public pools

The heat and humidity that we are prone to in the Northeast can make summer in the city unbearable. There are many public pools that you can use during the dog days of the summer. These are some interesting facts about NYC public pools.

  • Opening hours are daily 11 am – 7 pm with a one-hour break at 3pm for cleaning the pool.
  • If you are wearing other clothing to protect yourself, you must wear a white T-shirt. Colorful clothing is prohibited on the deck.
  • You must lock your luggage to keep it safe.
  • Bring no food, glasses, electronics, newspapers, or valuables.

Enjoy the many street fairs in your city.

There’s always a New York City street fair going on in the summer. There’s something at every NYC street fair, from live music to tasty food and vintage shopping. The fairs are spread across all five boroughs, so you can enjoy the fun no matter where in the city you stay. Take a look below at two prominent street fairs.

  • New York PopUp: Are you someone who needs to be the first one in the know about the latest trends? PopUp New York extravaganzas are usually held in trendy new neighborhoods and feature the latest restaurants, musicians, designers and designers. This organization not only hosts a number of outdoor bazaars but also donates to local charities.
  • Hester’s Street Fair: Located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, this fair is known for its wide selection, with new items being added every week. The street fair also offers a high level of entertainment with its themed events and performances.
  • Weekend Fairs: (locations and dates may vary) Check out the list to find an event of interest for your weekend.

Visit Governor’s Island

You may not have known that an adult round-trip ticket on the ferry to Governor’s Island costs only $3. If you are coming from Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens you may be able to take the ferry for free. The combination of these prices and free entry to the island on arrival makes it a great choice for a unique day trip or summer getaway. Just grab the Newark airport transportation for NYC to make the trip splendid.

This 172-acre island in New York Harbor is a great place to escape the city. You can take a walking tour every Wednesday to Sunday. However, you could also pack your picnic or stop at one of the food vendors before driving around on your own. Enjoy the beautiful sights of:

  • Castle Williams – Originally part of a bigger defensive system to protect the Inner Harbor, Castle Williams has now been repurposed as a model for coastal fortifications and is available for public viewing.
  • Discovery Hill: At 40 feet above the sea, Discovery Hill houses Cabin by renowned British Artist Rachel Whiteread, which offers a peaceful, contemplative space.
  • Outlook Hill: Resting 70 feet above the sea, Outlook Hill offers 360-degree panoramic views of New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty and city skylines.

There’s much more than this to do and see in NYC during the summer. Other highlights include the free Brooklyn Brewery Tours, the Rockefeller Center public art installations, Free Canoeing and Kayaking Tours and taking in Hudson River Views from the High Line.


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