Prepare for autumn heating and air: This is your guide to HVAC maintenance.

You may think about cozy sweaters, the crisp sounds of leaves crunching underfoot, and warm apple cider when you gear up for fall. You probably didn’t know how your HVAC system should be gearing up for fall.

Your HVAC system will be tested as the temperature drops and the days get shorter. This guide will help you ensure that your HVAC system receives an A+ rating.

Replace your air filters

Your HVAC system can suffer in the heat of summertime in East Tennessee. Your air filters have been protecting your home against harmful pollutants for months. Now they are likely to be covered in dirt and debris. Not to mention the incredible golden dusting of honey that Tennessee is known for. Because of the warmer temperatures this summer, Tennessee’s pollen count soared, and you can be confident that your air filter is full of it.

You can make your HVAC system last longer and more efficiently by changing the air filters once every three months. In the fall, when weed pollen and ragweed allergies flare up, clean air filters can help to reduce allergy symptoms.

What you should inspect in your HVAC System

You will need to inspect several areas of your HVAC system to ensure it works at its best. You can improve your HVAC system’s performance and save money by scheduling an inspection of your heating system and duct system. Your heating system, your duct system, and any air leaks in the home are three essential components of your HVAC system that you should inspect.

  • Heating System

The sweltering summer days are gone. Your HVAC heating system will be relevant again as temperatures drop. You can rest assured that your heating system can handle the colder days ahead by having it inspected by a qualified technician.

  • Duct System

Unlike in movies, your duct system isn’t just for stars to crawl in. Your HVAC duct system comprises tubing that runs through your home and distributes heated or cooled air to every room. In winter, leaks in the tubing and insulation can cause homeowners to lose heat and cost them money. You can avoid the pain of putting on your winter coat and going to bed in the colder months by paying attention to your ductwork.

  • Home Air Leaks

Your HVAC system could be working harder and not more brilliantly because of air leaks in your home. Air leaks can be found in windows and doors, the most common places homeowners find them. These allow heated and cooled air to escape from the home and can cause energy bills to go up.

The paper test is an excellent way to check for air leaks in your doors and windows. Put a piece of paper in your window frame or exit and close it. If you pull the form through the frame, you may have an air leak. These air leaks can be sealed with weather stripping or caulk.

What you should clean in your HVAC system

You probably didn’t think about cleaning your HVAC system this summer. Unclean HVAC systems can be dangerous and dirty. Make sure your HVAC system is clean and ready for the autumn. It would help if you also cleaned your chimney and registers.

  • Register

Have you ever checked your registers for buildup lately? Registers are grates that cover the air ducts of your home. They can trap pollutants, allergens, and hair, distributing heated or cooled air throughout your home. You can clean registers by removing them from your floor or wall with soap and water.

  • Chimney

Your chimney is an integral part of HVAC maintenance. If your chimney is not maintained and cleaned correctly, it can allow heated air to escape from your home and draw in cooler air. This will result in a higher energy bill during the winter months. Chimneys that need to be adequately maintained can be dangerous. The Chimney Safety Institute of America estimates that chimneys are responsible for 25,000 fires annually. Make sure you have your chimney serviced by a professional each fall.

  • Outside Unit

Have you recently inspected your outdoor HVAC unit? Your outdoor HVAC unit may be covered with debris. Remove any visible debris and inspect the unit for damage. You can hand the keys to a certified technician if you find any damage.

Additional HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall


These are just a few of the helpful maintenance tips that will get you started in preparing your HVAC system to handle the fall season.

  • Check and adjust your thermostat.

To ensure your thermostat is working correctly, check it before the temperature drops too much. It may be time for a professional to check if the thermostat is not displaying the actual temperature in your home.

After ensuring that your thermostat is in good condition, you can set it higher throughout the day. It may seem insignificant, but putting your thermostat higher can help you save both money and energy.

  • Give Your System a Break

Your HVAC system deserves a break after a summer of working overtime to keep your cool. Instead of turning down your thermostat, let your HVAC system take a break. Open your windows and doors to let cooler air circulate through your home. Your HVAC system will be grateful.

A humidifier will keep your furnace warm and work hard for your family during winter. Low-humidity environments are excellent for viruses, such as Coronavirus, to thrive. Your family’s health is at stake. Allow your humidifier to cool down during autumn to adjust to winter’s cooler temperatures. Turn off the water supply to give your furnace humidifier a short vacation. The air becomes dryer as the temperatures drop. As winter approaches, replace your water panel or humidifier pad, adjust the relative humidity to 35 to 40 percent, depending on the outside temperature, then turn on the furnace humidifier.

  • Open Vents

Ensure your home’s vents are unobstructed to avoid frustration from the colder weather. Although it may seem obvious, your HVAC system will struggle to keep you warm if you don’t do this.

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