Inside Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Quiet Home Life in Upstate New York.

A Celebrity couple recently welcomed their second child.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the most celebrity couples in Hollywood, yet we rarely hear about what they’re up to in their day-to-day lives.

While we all know they only welcomed their second child into the planet, we don’t see the baby’s name or sex just yet…and that’s precisely how they want it.

E! News has exclusively learned about where the celeb couple has been nesting with their two little ones, including 2-year-old James, and the quaint life they’ve been surviving in a small town named Pound Ridge in Upstate New York.

We spoke to numerous people from the town who confirmed the actress has been spotted out and about at some of her favorite places but has left her newborn at home. Even when store clerks familiar with the family ask about the name or the sex, the couple plays coy.

However, one insider confirmed that the actress appears to be doing quite well in the weeks following the baby’s birth. “Blake looks great nowadays,” the foundation said. “She hasn’t lost all the child weight yet. However, it doesn’t matter. She looks beautiful.”

About the life of Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds

Blake Lively

But baby news aside, the couple spends plenty of time at the local shops and food markets without their two kids.

An insider told us the pair visits the Inn at Pound Ridge “all of the time” and just enjoyed a meal date there without their kids about a couple of weeks ago.

We’re told Blake favors the grilled chicken paillard salad, while her hubby likes the burger. Reynolds may even sometimes be found alone and eating at the bar. The pair is always welcomed with open arms, and one restaurant regular described them as “really nice.”

The stars also regularly another local coffee and lunch shop where Lively has been spotted eating lunch or dinner with her sister, her mom, and her assistant at various times. Lively has even been spotted with little James, but an insider tells us there’s been “no sign” of the brand-new baby.

She enjoys the spot simply because they appeal to her preference for gluten-free foods. “For example, when she has the avocado toast, they make it for her on gluten-free bread,” the foundation explained.

Food loving Blake lively

The stars also provide several gourmet food shops and food markets they frequent.

One shop specializes in gluten-free food, which Lively loves. The pair, in many cases, are seen buying crackers and some “sweet stuff” like homemade granola and graham crackers. The couple’s nanny typically visits another store while purchasing the kids and has been doing this several times with James to buy “little kid food.”

Regardless of their local food stops, Lively visits a clothing shop called Bubble and Tweet, which specializes in soft, comfy clothes for women and kids. We’re told she shopped there months back and bought some things for herself.

Meanwhile, as reported earlier, the actress and her hubby threw their baby shower celebration at the Bedford Post Inn, where Swift and Emily Blunt were spotted attending. Although John Krasinski wasn’t there, another source told us he did pick Blunt up after it ended. On the other hand, Reynolds was there and spent plenty of time on the inn’s balcony, “cracking people up with jokes.”

“It had been plenty of fun,” the insider told us. The couple gave out pajamas as party favors. Nevertheless, they ensured nothing gave away any details about their baby. The insider explained that the décor was “festive but neutral,” giving no hints regarding whether these were going to have a boy or even a girl.

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