Inmate search is finding information regarding people currently imprisoned in a detention facility, like that of the St. Louis County Jail in Minnesota. Search tools for inmates are crucial for family members, friends, lawyers, and others who want access to information regarding inmates, including booking information as well as bond, charges, and release dates.

If you’re seeking information regarding St. Louis County inmates or inmates, this St. Louis County Jail list of inmates is an excellent source. The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office keeps a constantly updated jail roster that provides information about the inmates currently detained within the St. Louis County Jail in Minnesota.

Jail: Methods of Inmate Lookup

There are many ways to conduct a search for inmates in the St. Louis County Jail. They include phone, online, and in-person examinations depending on the person’s preference and availability of the resources.

Online offender lookup

To locate a St. Louis County Jail inmate online, go to this St. Louis County Inmate Roster page. This inmate list is often updated and contains information on the individuals who are currently being held in jail. Inmate search online lets users enter the inmate’s name, first and last name, booking number, or other information to find the information on the inmate’s file.Visit

To conduct an online search of inmates for St. Louis County Jail, Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Step 1: Open your browser on the internet and then go to the St St. Louis County Inmate Roster page: St. Louis County Inmate Roster

Step 2: You’ll be taken to the page for inmate rosters. The page lists the prisoners currently being held in the detention facility. The list is constantly updated, giving the most current situation of the inmates.

Step 3: Use the search bar on the webpage to search for an inmate. You can type in the name of the inmate’s first either last name, or booking number. The search tool is built to provide results while you input.

Step 4: Click the name of the prisoner you are looking for. It will open an additional page with more specific information about the prisoner. The data could be as detailed as the prisoner’s booking reference number, charges, bond amount, and release date. Other information, including the inmate’s photo and physical Description, can be available.

Step 5: If the results of your search aren’t as expected, be sure that you have the correct spelling of the inmate’s name and attempt another time. If you’re still having difficulty finding the person you want to talk to, try employing a different method of search or calling the jail directly to get assistance.

Step 6: It’s crucial to remember that the internet database is constantly updated. If you cannot find the inmate you’re looking for, they may have been released or moved to a different facility.

Please note that all information must be confirmed by contacting the St. Louis County Jail directly since the accuracy and timeliness of the data cannot be guaranteed.

The roster of jails is updated daily, and you can be sure that the information you’re looking at is accurate and up-to-date. However, it’s important to remember that people could be in the intake at the jail and not be listed as a member of the register until they’ve been assigned an appointment number.

Alongside the roster of inmates, You can also get access to jail records, such as booking information and Louis County jail mugshots. This information could be helpful if you need more information on an individual inmate or want to confirm someone’s identity.

It is vital to know that inmates can be transferred to a different jail to ease the burden of overcrowding, and transfers to prisons are not made for the reason of discipline. If the person you’re searching for is in the jail of another county facility, you’ll have to contact the prison to obtain further information.

Information Included in Jail Inmate Roster

It is the Saint. Louis County Jail’s inmate list typically contains various information regarding the inmates currently in the detention center. The data is intended to provide anyone interested in in-depth knowledge of the status of an inmate inside the prison system. Here’s a summary of the typical information that is provided:

Inmate’s Name The Inmate’s Name will be the full official name the prisoner uses, comprising the first and last names. In certain cases, the middle name or initial may be added.

Booking Number Booking Number is a unique identifier given to every inmate on admission. This number is essential for getting more specific information about inmates and their charges.

Reservation date Booking Date: This is the date the inmate was booked into the detention center.

Charges: The roster usually contains a list of charges filed against the prisoner. This could include both felony and misdemeanor charges.

Bail/Bond Amount number of bails or bonds is established for the prisoner the amount will be included on the list. It is the sum to be paid to secure the release of the prisoner to attend court.

Expected Release Date: If the roster could contain the date at which the inmate is anticipated to release. This could be after the sentence or an estimated date based on good behavior.

Inmate’s Photo: Most rosters contain a photo of the prisoner, typically captured when the booking was made.

Physical Description The roster can also include physical descriptions, like the individual’s height, weight, hair color, eye color, distinct markings, and tattoos.

It is important to note that the amount of information available may vary according to the policies of the jail and privacy requirements. To get the most up-to-date and current information, check your information with St. Louis County Jail directly.

Phone offender lookup

To conduct an inmate search using the telephone:

  1. Dial the St. Louis County Jail at (218) 726-2345.
  2. Give the inmate’s full name and reservation number to the person who takes the call. The officer could provide you with the details of the inmate’s booking, including charges, bond amount, and release date.
  3. Be aware that phone searches are restricted in accordance with the jail’s rules and regulations, and certain information is not available on the phone.

Offender lookup in person

To conduct an in-person inmate search:

  1. Head to the St. Louis County Jail at 4334 Haines Rd, Duluth, MN 55811.
  2. When you arrive, ask to contact an employee or an officer to assist in the search.
  3. Ensure you provide your person in the jail’s full identity or number of bookings and an identification document that could be required.

Similar to phone searches, in-person searches are restricted based on the policies of the jail, and certain information cannot be divulged in the presence of a person.

Benefits of Inmate Lookup

This St. Louis County Inmate Lookup is a highly beneficial tool for various reasons. Here are a few benefits:

Effectiveness This lookup service online gives you a quick and effective method to find the status of a prisoner without transportation or lengthy wait times for calls or in-person inquiries.

24/7 Accessibility: Because the system is available, it is accessible anytime time and from any location. This allows users living in diverse time zones or who have irregular schedules to find the information they require whenever they want to.

Security By permitting individuals to verify the prisoner’s status can assure safety to people concerned about someone who may have been detained.

For legal needs for people planning to file an upcoming legal proceeding, the lookup program will provide important information such as details about the inmate’s full name, charge, and booking numbers.

Transparency The lookup tool is also helpful in ensuring transparency of the government by offering a means to scrutinize the activities inside the detention facility.

emotional Comfort for relatives and friends of prisoners having the ability to confirm the location of their loved ones could provide emotional security.

It is important to remember that although the tool can be extremely efficient, the accuracy of the information it gives is based on the most recent update. Confirming the information using jail officials or the prisoner is essential.

Limitations and Risks of Offender Search

The St. Missouri County’s Inmate Search system is a useful instrument for obtaining information regarding the people in the detention facility. But it’s important to know its limits and possible hazards.

Inaccurate or Outdated Information

Although every effort is put into keeping the information current and correct, there could be instances when the information provided by the system could be inaccurate or outdated. For example, the inmate could be transferred or released after the most recent update to the system. Inaccuracy can also be because of data entry errors. Confirming your information in person with St. Louis County Jail is always recommended to ensure the most accurate information.

Privacy Concerns for Inmates and Their Families

The inmate lookup system offers an abundance of personal information regarding inmates, which could cause privacy issues. Although this information is essential for administrative and legal reasons, it could be misused if it gets into the incorrect hands. In addition, releasing prisoners’ information could cause stress to their family members because of the stigma of the incarceration process.

Potential for Misuse of Information

The information collected from the inmate search system is publicly available and is accessible to anyone. This poses a risk of the data being used in a fraudulent or illegal manner. For example, individuals might use this information to commit identity theft or harassment, as well as other malicious motives. It’s crucial to be aware that any misuse or misuse of the information could result in legal consequences.

Although the St. Missouri County’s Inmate Search system efficiently offers crucial information regarding inmates, the potential dangers and limitations must be considered. Make sure to use this information with caution and in a professional manner.

Jail Overview

st louis county jail roster

St. Louis County Jail is a professional-run facility that offers secure and safe custody to prisoners within Duluth and surrounding regions. The Jail Administrator and Sheriff supervise a 197-bed jail in Duluth and two 72-hour lockups in the Range. The Hibbing lockup can accommodate up to eight inmates, while the Virginia lockup can accommodate 12 prisoners. These facilities regularly exceed Department of Corrections requirements and strive to meet the increasing needs of the justice system and other community stakeholders.

Inmate Funds

Controlling the financial requirements of prisoners can be extremely difficult at correctional establishments. Yet, St. Louis County Jail, MN, has implemented a proactive solution to address this problem by establishing an account for inmates to allow inmates to buy things like commissary items, telephone time, and other basic necessities.

When they are admitted to the jail, every inmate is assigned an account, which is run through Stellar Services. This account lets them make deposits that can be used to purchase a variety of things or to pay for telephone time. However, before depositing funds are used, the outstanding fines or fees the inmate owes must be paid.

The inmate account system has many benefits for the inmates and the facility. For inmates, it permits them to control their money and purchase according to their needs. Furthermore, the system guarantees accountability and transparency in the management of the finances of inmates.

It benefits this method because it helps simplify the administration of funds for inmates. The system is automated and assures the accuracy of monitoring the balances of inmates, transactions, and the payment process. Furthermore, using accounts for inmates helps stop the illegal transfer of funds, thus reducing the chance of corruption and financial fraud.

Jail Communication

The St. Louis County Jail offers its inmates communications through an agreement in partnership with Reliance Telephone. This allows inmates to call, text, and even make video calls with family members.

To make use of these services, you have several available alternatives. If someone wants to establish a collect call account or buy a phone card, contact Reliance Telephone at (800) 893-3201. In addition, if someone would like to pay for an inmate’s communications “Wallet,” which allows users to video call and send messages, they may do it via Reliance Telephone.

If you want to send an inmate a text message, contact the inmate’s messaging line at (218) 409-8366. Leave an audio message. It is important to remember that all communications, excluding the attorney’s phone calls, are recorded and monitored in the prison.

If you want to make video calls, jails have a “Reliance Connect” application available for download through Google Play and Apple App Stores. Through this application, inmates can call video from any number connected to the Reliance Connect account at any time throughout the day. The cost of calling via video will be $0.25 per minute. The inmates can pay for these visits through their “Wallet” balance.

It is important to know that any communications are subject to recording and surveillance since it helps ensure the security and safety of all involved. However, calls made by attorneys are exempt from administration since they are protected by attorney-client confidentiality.

Inmate Mail

The process of sending mail to an inmate in the St. Louis County Jail in Minnesota is a method to remain in touch and show appreciation. But, there are certain rules and regulations to be adhered to to ensure the mail gets to the prisoner and is suitable.

Any mail addressed to prisoners must be delivered through the United States Postal Service and addressed to the name of the inmate as well as their booking number and address. It’s crucial to know that all outgoing and incoming mail will be subject to a search and can be refused if it is in violation of the rules of the jail and rules and regulations.

Inmate mail should not contain illegal items, including weapons, drugs, or other things that could threaten security. This includes items like glitter, stickers, or other substances that could be used to hide contraband.

In addition, the mail cannot contain graphic or explicit content that is sexually explicit, such as violence, nudity, or hate speech. Anything violating these regulations is returned to the sender, and the prisoner could be subject to disciplinary action.

To ensure that your mail gets delivered on time, it’s important to include an address for return on your envelope. If the jail cannot have the mail, your mail will go to the address you provided.

Food, Clothing, and Recreational Facilities

The St. Louis County Jail, Inmates at St. Louis County Jail are offered food, bedding, clothing, and indoor recreation facilities. Substance Abuse Groups and educational, recreational, and religious activities are also provided to prisoners who want to take part. The jail is committed to encouraging positive behavior and attitudes among inmates and giving them the tools needed to succeed upon release.

Medical Treatment in Jail

Medical treatment is provided inside the jail by a licensed doctor along with nursing professionals, as well as in the local community by local clinics, hospitals, and dentists. The prison is committed to ensuring all prisoners have access to the medical treatment they require to remain healthy and secure.

Jail Visiting

The visit to an inmate of the St. Louis County Jail located in Duluth is a process that requires registration. If you plan on visiting an inmate, you need to sign up on Reliance’s Reliance Website at least one day before your visit and not over eight days before the date you want.

It’s important to remember that the jail is governed by specific times for visitors, which occur at the lobby kiosk. The hours for visiting on weekdays are from 8:00 am until 10:00 am. On weekends, they run between 8:00 am and 11:00 am and 3:00 pm till 5:45 pm. The visiting hours can change, so checking with the jail or the Reliance Website for the most current information is essential.

In order to pre-register to visit a prisoner, it is necessary to provide the following information about yourself, such as the name of your child and other contact information. Also, you will need to provide your name, the address of the prisoner you would like to visit, and the number of their reservation.

Visitors should be present at the jail during designated times and must show an ID photo that is valid and issued by the government. It’s crucial to know that every visitor is subject to a search, and all items that are prohibited will be taken away. This includes guns, cell phones, drugs, and other things that could create security risks.

During their visit, visitors are required to adhere to all rules and regulations. This includes refraining from profanity, engaging in unintentional behavior, or sharing personal belongings with the inmate. If one of these rules is not adhered to, the visit could be terminated, and the visitor could be subjected to disciplinary measures.

Duluth Inmate Property Pickup

If you require picking up the property of an inmate, contact (218) 726-2345 to make an appointment for Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 3:00 night (excluding holiday days). Jail clerks will arrange an appointment time as well as a time when you will show up in the Duluth Jail and receive the property. Photo Identification is necessary.

Jail Location and Contacts

In the St. Louis County Jail, The safety and security of the inmates is a prime priority. The jail is well-maintained and clean and has modern security measures to ensure that prisoners are secure and secure. Furthermore, the prison is committed to encouraging the spirit of mutual respect between all parties, including staff, inmates, and the local community.

As a vital component in the criminal justice system, jails collaborate with other institutions, share training resources, and encourage participation from the community. The prison is aware that it is important to work together to ensure that prisoners receive the assistance and the resources they require to be successful upon their release.

Address: 4334 Haines Rd, Duluth, MN 55811
Phone: 218-726-2345


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